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Polandball is the original protagonist of Template:GetIcon Polandball. He can't get anything in space according to the meme, even though there was a Polish cosmonaut, Miroslaw Hermaszewski. Poland is the country where vodka was invented.

This character is often portrayed as a naive countryball often bullied by his neighbours for partitions or annexations. Usually, he's a plumber for Template:GetIcon United Kingdom, based on the fact that many Poles live in Great Britain. Both Template:GetIcon Germanyball and Template:GetIcon Russiaball sometimes see Polandball as a possible expansion territory.

Polandball likes Template:GetIcon USAball and other Allies (except the Template:GetIcon Soviet Unionball) for help during WWII against Template:GetIcon Nazis.

Due to being upside-down, its flag would now result the same as Template:GetIcon Indonesiaball and Template:GetIcon Monacoball. The solution is to draw Indonesia with an Asian hat or songkok and Monaco with either sunglasses.


Poland territory was firstly considered inhabited by the Civitas Schinesghe, a West Slavic tribe, in the ninth century. In 966 AD this tribe get control over its own territory and became a Template:GetIcon kingdom. In this period, Poles stopped worshipping Template:GetIcon Slavic deities to start being Template:GetIcon Catholics.

During Middle Ages, it partecipated in the crusades by Template:GetIcon Teutonic Orderball against Template:GetIcon Norse and Template:GetIcon Novgorodian pagans. In the 14th century, Poland is one of the few countries that is not affected by the black death.

When in 1569 Template:GetIcon Poland finally reached a personal union with the Template:GetIcon Grand Duchy of Lithuaniaball since a century of tentatives, a new country born: the Template:GetIcon Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealthball became the most powerful East European country. Nicolaus Copernicus, the discovered of the eliocentric theory, was a citizen of Template:GetIcon Poland-Lithuaniaball. Due to Template:GetIcon Papal Statesball thinking that the Template:GetIcon Earth was the center of the Template:GetIcon Universe, the theory took time to became finally official.

The Template:GetIcon Commonwealth conquered the Baltic territory, inhabited mainly by Template:GetIcon Livonian Orderball, and won against Template:GetIcon Ottomanball in 1699 in the Polish-Ottoman War. This war, unfortunately, weakened the country and during 1720s the Polish Succession War make the situation even more difficult. The result was the first Partition of Template:GetIcon Poland, in 1772, and the second Partition, in 1794, where Template:GetIcon Austrian Empireball, Template:GetIcon Russian Empireball and Template:I Kingdom of Prussiaball got all the territory formerly part of Poland-Lithuaniaball.

In 1806, Template:GetIcon Napoleonic Franceball started invading Template:I Kingdom of Prussiaball and created Template:GetIcon Duchy of Warsawball as a puppet for getting help to spread the Revolution. But this lasted just for eight years after which Template:GetIcon Poland was given to Template:GetIcon Russian Empireball.

In 1914, World War I started and Template:GetIcon German Empireball fought Template:GetIcon Russian Empireball. In this mode, Template:GetIcon Congress Polandball stopped being a Russian puppet and became a Template:GetIcon German puppet for a couple of years, until Template:GetIcon Second Polish Republicball was constituited thanks to the Paris Peace Conference.

Template:GetIcon Soviet Unionball decided to retake the Polish land after World War I, causing the Polish-Soviet War. This war quickly ended with the defeat of Template:GetIcon Russians (that got Template:GetIcon Ukrainian SSRball as additional land) and the victory of Template:GetIcon Poles.

But in 1933, Template:GetIcon Weimar Republicball fell into Template:GetIcon Nazi Germanyball (famous for his anti-semitic actions) that decided to invade in 1939 Template:GetIcon Second Polish Republicball and the Template:GetIcon Free City of Danzigball to retake the land lost during World War I. This is known as World War II.

In 1945, the World War II ended and Template:GetIcon People's Republic of Polandball was created, a Template:GetIcon Soviet satellite in Eastern Europe. In 1978, a Pole, Karol Wojtyla, was elected as Template:GetIcon Pope as Pope John Paul II.

After Cold War end in 1989, Template:GetIcon Polandball stopped being communist and eventually joined Template:GetIcon EUball.



  • Template:I South Koreaball - Aiming to become better friends with them in future. Believes Dokdo is Korean. Gib factories, plox!
  • Template:GetIcon Italyball - Marsz, marsz, Dąbrowski, Z ziemi włoskiej do Polski Good friend, of gives me pizza and it's really good!












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